6 Point Harness

Cam Lock

SFI 16.5

Pull Down Adjust


G-FORCE Racing Gear introduces the new SFI 16.5 premium Pro Series harness belt system. This set is a dual-sub, 6 mounting point system with pull-down lap adjustment. The shoulders begin at the lap as 3 inch standard belts, attach to the lightweight E-Z aluminum adjusters and reduce to the 2 inch webbing to accommodate most helmet restraint devices. All adjusters feature Speed Pull Tabs for easy tension release. This set comes with Midnight Black, bolt-in hardware that is laced in and can be removed for wrap around application. Lap adjusters are made with Anti-Slip Springs for added security.


Adjustable Length Range:

Shoulder Belts 12″-70″ from center buckle to mounting point

Lap Belt (1 Side): 11″-29″ from center buckle to mounting point

Sub Straps: 5″-30″ from center buckle to mounting point



G-Force, 7601, 6 Point, Cam Lock, SFI 16.5

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